6″ Wood Plank

68243 Wood Plank Stamp Restaurant 68243 Wood Plank Stamp Basement 68243 Wood Plank Stamp Sample 68243 Wood Plank Blue Stamp with Specs 68243 Wood Plank Black Stamp 68243 Wood Plank Flexible 8216Y8217 with Specs 68243 Wood Plank Flexible 8216X8217 with Specs 68243 Wood Plank Single Wood Plank Flexible with Specs 68243 Wood Plank Touch-up Texture Skin with Specs

Product Num. BST7370

Dimensions: Refer to the tool images above
Grout Line Width: 1/8″
Grout Line Depth: 1/8″

Additional Tools:
Single Wood Plank Flexible – BST7371FL
Flexible ‘X’ – BST7370XFL
Flexible ‘Y’ – BST7370YFL
8″ Timber End Grain Set – BST7398

Recommended Contractor Set: 3 Black Rigid, 3 Blue Rigid, 1 ‘X’ Flex, 1 ‘Y’ Flex, 1 Single Plank Flex, 1 Skin

Suggested Touch-up and Detailing Tools:
Touch-up Texture Skin: 6″ Wood Plank – BST7372TS
Chisels: 2″4″, & 8″Touch-up Wheel: not recommended

Both Flexible ‘X’ and Flexible ‘Y’ tools are recommended to continue consistency of wood grain in stamped pattern

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