Verona Cobblestone

Verona Cobblestone Stamp Patio Verona Cobblestone Stamp Patio Verona Cobblestone Stamp Driveway Verona Cobblestone Stamp with Specs

Product Num. BST5400

Dimensions: Refer to the tool image above
Grout Line Width: 3/16″-1/2″

Recommended Contractor Set: 7 Rigid, 1 Flex, 1 Skin, 1 Roller Sleeve

Suggested Touch-up and Detailing Tools:
Touch-up Texture Skin: Chiseled Slate – BST7618
Touch-up Texture Roller Sleeve: Chiseled Slate – BSTR0976
Chisels: 4″8″, & 12″Touch-up Wheel: 3/8″

This tool can be rotated to reduce repetition and provide a more natural stone appearance.

Click on the picture to the left or any picture above to see an enlarged view.

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Butterfield Color
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