Elements Transparent Concrete Stain

Elements® Transparent Concrete Stain

  • Packaged in 32-ounce (1 L) and 4-ounce (118 ml) bottles of concentrated stain. Standard Dilution is 3 parts water to 1 part stain. At diluted strength coverage is approximately 200-400 square feet per gallon, but varies with surface conditions. Formulated to readily permeate a properly prepared concrete surface and create translucent color variations similar to reactive acid stain.
  • A low odor, water-based, environmentally and user-friendly concrete staining system with low VOC (15-50 g/L depending on color selection).
  • CHO™ Concrete Cleaner required for washing substrate prior to staining with Elements® Transparent Stain.

Color Chart

ATTENTION! The color chart below is to demonstrate range of colors available and are not to be used to select colors based on how they are viewed on a computer display.*INDICATES FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY

ELE-110 White

ELE-129 Brown

ELE-123 Yellow

*ELE-124 Red

ELE-125 Blue

ELE-126 Black

*ELE-127 Purple

ELE-128 Gray

ELE-113 Verdigris

ELE-111 Tannin

ELE-112 Balkan Amber

ELE-116 Caribbean

ELE-115 Stygian

ELE-118 Weathered Bronze

ELE-114 Cordovan Leather

ELE-122 Taupe

ELE-117 Lichen

ELE-119 Kona Brown

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