Uni-Mix Liquid Integral Concrete Colorant

Uni-Mix® Liquid Integral Concrete Colorant

  • Quality of Uni-Mix® Integral Colorants in a pre-dispersed liquid form.
  • Stocking only 4 or 5 base colors, literally thousands of colors are available.
  • Bucket dispensing systems are available
  • Uni-Mix® Liquid dispensing systems are pre-programmed and updated with multiple manufacturers’ color formulas
  • Uni-Mix® Liquid dispensing systems are backed by unmatched customer service and continual support.

Color Chart

ATTENTION! The color chart below is to demonstrate range of colors available and are not to be used to select colors based on how they are viewed on a computer display.*INDICATES FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY

L2474 - W. Terra Cotta

L2272 - Hampshire Red

L5229 - D.O.T. Red

L3296 Brick Red

L0427 - Bermuda Sands

L0645 - Paradiso

L1561 - Dusty Rose

L3259 - Cayenne

L0345 - Driftwood

L2693 - Sautillo Tile

L0569 - Coral Buff

L1788 - Mocha Brown

L0861 - Savannah

L1723 - Honeycomb

L3446 - Golden Amarillo

L1447 - Santa Fe Buff

L0448 - Putty

L0618 - River Delta

L0678 - Khaki

L0895 - Clam Shell

L2592 - Bella Brown

L3371 - Flaxseed

L2511 - Ripe Fig

L2464 - Ancho Chili

L0857 - Desert Hue

L1085 - Sandstone

L0911 - Millstone

L0850 - Autumn Oak

L0815 - Pampas Grass

L0903 - Sonoran Tan

L0961 - Harvest Wheat

L0413 - Buckskin

L0644 - Sunset Beige

L1798 - Muted Copper

L1066 - Georgia Clay

L3363 - Sienna

L3429 - Citrine

L0262 - Salt Marsh Gray

L1296 - Earthen

L3421 - Walnut

L0652 - Weathered Teak

L1828 - Smokey Quartz

L2550 - Soapstone

L1736 - Sorrel

L0322 - Ash

L0665 - Gull Gray

L2296 - Charcoal

L4615 - Deep Charcoal

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