Concrete Bench Mold System

Wood Plank Bench Top Mold Bluestone Texture Bench Top Mold Bench Leg Mold Bench Hardware Concrete Bench Mold System Sample with Specs Concrete Bench Mold System Sample with Specs Concrete Bench Mold System Sample

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  • Durable urethane molds that can be used with Butterfield Color® Flat Out® Countertop Mix for accelerated repeat production
  • Gilpin’s Falls Bridge Plank and Bluestone Texture tops also work with the Concrete Bench Mold with Backrest System

Dimensions: Refer to the bench sample image above

Available Tools:
Wood Plank Bench Top Mold – BPBM7348
Bluestone Texture Bench Top Mold – BPBM4200
Bench Leg Mold – BPBM100
Bench Hardware – BPBM8100

Bench Hardware includes (4 each) –  2 3/4″ partially threaded bolt, washer, 1/2″ threaded insert 1 1/2″ length

Reinforcement of the concrete per industry standards is recommended.

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